To: Chris Mason
Bishop Field Office

Good afternoon Chris. I am not sure, but I think we met when a BLM and Forest Service Law Enforcement Ranger came to ask me if I had witnessed the altercation involving the former Host at the Tuttle Creek Campground.

I was with the U.S. Forest Service and did special high-tech projects for them. Please see XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

If you have any question as to my character you can contact XXXXXXXXXXXXXX of the XXXXXXXXXXXXX National Forest. Please feel free to call her at XXXXXXXXXX.

I am a Computer Scientist, formally at the XXXXXXX Think Tank. My wife is a retired XXXXXXX Engineer.

I understand you were contacted by a XXXXXXXX with a complaint about me, my wife, our neighbor XXXXXXXX and the Camp Host. I'm also sure that she forwarded you an email where I used the terms she liked to use for your Ranger, whom she calls “Becky The Bitch”. The email was to let her know she had to move or lose the site. We talked about the site next to us that she wanted. And yes, XXXXXXX did put a reserved sign on it for what was supposed to be a day, and yes I did write her when she didn't move in as she said, as XXXXXXX is a great guy who I didn't want to see get in any trouble for trying to help her as we all did. I was specifically worried as to the stump that only she could have placed in front of the campsite. I even offered to pay this obviously mentally handicapped person's rent for a couple of weeks and asked XXXXXXX to relay that anonymously to her.

Having been with the managing Rangers for the Forest Service for a year, I would guess you would be wondering what is going on. I would also be inclined to look into the past of this woman. You will find she has spent months filing complaints against Good Sams Club and her doctors and just about everyone but herself. Please feel free to check her and me out.

Beyond that, I have owned companies around the globe and have learned to keep copious documents. I invite you to come up and see all of my emails that will clearly demonstrate what really happened up here.

So you know, I am up here to review the Northern LTVAs. Please see the prototype that is coming here, as well as to every National Park, National Forest, BLM and Army Core of Engineers campground in the country: XXXXXXXXXXX. We expect over 1,000,000 visitors daily and should be far more popular than

Hosts give me a great insight into what goes on at a campground. I would hope you would reconsider your unnecessary and unenforceable restriction of XXXXXXX visiting for coffee. I also supply many Hosts for the Forest Service. Please contact XXXXXXX who runs the very successful Campgrounds at the XXXXXXXXXXX National Forest, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Ranger District. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

I'm also sure that you will find XXXXXXXXXX has not been paying for her staying at Tuttle Creek Campground and does not have an LTVA visitors pass. These, if similar to the Forest Service Regulations would be, and are clear cut violations of BLM rules, am I correct?

I don't want to file a formal, public complaint on this but this woman has run off our neighbors, yelled at young children who wanted to fish at the creek, threatened the Host and has my wife locking our door. This, I'm sure you would agree, should not and cannot be allowed.

I don't get upset very often, but when someone like this is allowed to continue to break all rules and continues to do so, I do get upset.

There is no doubt as to what happened here as my documents will clearly show. My wife took her shopping, we fed her, we offered to pay for her stay and XXXXXXX stuck his neck out to help her move up as she claimed every man that walked by her was threatening her.

The facts are clear and undeniable, I will be happy to send you the ENTIRE email history with this woman or you can examine it right on my computer.

I know of your reputation Chris, but this has got to be dealt with now. This woman went from “getting mentally better” to accosting XXXXXXX and I when an alarm went of at XXXXXXX’s trailer. We have someone I believe is mentally ill and having a breakdown. I'm truly sorry, but if we can't resolve this quickly, I will have no choice but to file a formal complaint at the BLM Headquarters in California with a link to our websites and a story on all of this. Please understand, my wife feels threatened and I will protect her at all costs.

My email Is XXXXXXXXXX and my phone number is XXXXXXXXXXX.

Here is my last email to XXXXXXXX which should give you a full understanding of this situation.

Subject: Where are you?

There are many people that miss you. Didn't you and I discuss and agree that the single biggest problem with our country, is that we as a people, we can no longer discuss our differences? You know I had a choice, Canada or serve in the Armed Forces during Viet Nam. You know my choice. You see, I believe strongly that we all have the right to our opinions and the right to express them both passionately and loudly. I also believe, we have the right to disagree with the opinions of others both passionately and loudly. I grew up over my Dad's garage known after 5 as the "XXXXXXXXXX Town Hall" where politics was the subject of what seemed to be on the minds of the whole neighborhood; which seemed to be arguing and yelling about right under my bedroom after 5:00 PM and into the night.

You see, you have every right in my campsite to tell us your opinion, both with passion and the feelings that come from within you. But so does everyone else. And that means they, you and me all have the right to argue both passionately and loudly against those with opinions that they disagree, including you.

Because we as a people have always differed so much in our fundamental beliefs provided the fuel that ignited this country into what was the greatest nation the earth has ever seen. Think about that.

You were and are welcome here. Remember, your apparent exile was self imposed. You have made friends who have reached out to you and all still welcome you.

We hope to see you soon,


I am sure that now that you have been advised of the undeniable facts in this matter that you will notify XXXXXXX that he is free to come over for our 4:00 PM lemonade this afternoon

Please feel free to checkout our websites. Here are a few of our over 60 existing websites:


On a different note, I was going to talk to you about all of the new tools we are making available to you at these new sites. I would still like toDatye do that.


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Dated: September 6, 2016 @ 2:01 PM