To: Chris Mason
Bishop Field Office

Morning Chris:

As you requested I am contacting you directly. Please note that I will be communicating via fax when required. This has gone well beyond the point of verbal communication without a written record of what is happening.

1: Last night at approximately 7:46PM, my wife used the restroom. When leaving, she saw that XXXXXXXXX had come outside for the specific purpose of trying to intimidate her. While XXXXXXXXX is certainly allowed to roam freely, there is a legal difference between walking casually and coming outside, standing still and staring in an intimidating manner. I strongly suggest you contact your legal department for the legal definition of intimidation. They will most likely tell you it is when a reasonable person feels threatened by the deliberate actions of someone directed toward them.

2: You said you contacted the Sheriff's department. You should ask him about the complaints XXXXXXXXX filed for “someone” stalking her. He refused to send someone to her site. Apparently he read the situation differently than you do. And yes, this is why she moved up here, according to her, to feel safer.

3: I saw a Ranger pull into XXXXXXXXX's campsite mid-morning. I only looked as he entered with some type of alarm on. Approximately a half hour to 45 minutes later he pulled into the front of my campsite and left before I could get my shirt on and go and meet him. The fact that he spent a long time at XXXXXXXXX's and none with me is interesting to me. You?

Perhaps this has been resolved in a lawful and equitable manner? Please advise.

Also, I will be happy to discuss these or any other related items with you on the phone, but will continue to document this very unfortunate situation. I will also be contacting three District Rangers I have worked with at the Forest Service for their advise, as I truly want to resolve this quickly and equitably as possible before this becomes a major issue.

Will this be resolved today?


Sent Via Fax: (760) 872-5050
Dated: September 7, 2016 @ 12:35 PM