To: Chris Mason
Bishop Field Office

Hi Chris,

I'm sorry to bother you for a second time today but I just received a call from XXXXXX. As XXXXXXXXX's last assault on us occurred when she was going to leave, she literally ran out of her campsite in fear that she would be attacked by XXXXXXXXX .

XXXXXX asked that I go over to her campsite and move her solar panel, take down her outside shower and pick up on the side that borders XXXXXXXXX's campsite. I said I would.

Due to the current unresolved situation, I am making a formal request for you to send up a Law Enforcement Ranger while I do the aforementioned.

Please advise as to your intentions, and the time we could do this. XXXXXX is in fear that her private items will be vandalized. I would wonder how any one of your Rangers or yourself would feel if their spouse were treated in this manner?


Sent Via Fax: (760) 872-5050
Dated: September 7, 2016 @ 1:03 PM