To: Chris Mason
Bishop Field Office


To be honest I am getting a little tired of having people call me with concerns about bias regarding you. It appears, after you asking me for XXXXXX's number, she didn't receive a call from you. More upsetting is that she said she called you and said that you would get back to her and haven't done so.

What is going on here? It seems as if you only have time to talk to XXXXXXXXX. Now, I know that appearances can be deceiving, but these appearances could certainly be taken as a direct bias as we are Republicans and were discussing politics when this erupted. Let's look at the facts. Didn’t Becky tell XXXXX that he couldn't post political banners on his personal vehicle? According to XXXXX, you don't reimburse for mileage. Is that true?

So, who is it that denied a person their Constitutional Rights to express their God-given right to support a political candidate? Again, I strongly recommend you contact your legal department for the definition of overstepping authority, even if it was simply a suggestion by an authority figure who is responsible for the person's livelihood, that they sacrifice their constitutional rights. You may also want to ask your legal department about how doing this, removes immunity from Federal Employees.

If you're sensing I've about had it, you must have a crystal ball. I am trying to work here on a major product for the Federal Recreation Campgrounds and all I seem to do is get interrupted because this issue hasn't been resolved.

Fox News carries some of our stories, I bet they would love this one. Now if I'm wrong on any of these points, let me know. For instance, let me know if XXXXX was never told to remove the “Trump” name from his personal vehicle, why your Law Enforcement Ranger never spoke to any of us “Republicans”, why XXXXXXXXX has been allowed to stay at this LTVA for 5 months, not an extra couple of weeks, without an LTVA pass and why you haven’t verified whether or not XXXXXXXXX has paid. Did someone lose the envelopes from the Iron Ranger? This, as you said, you know how to check. Did you? This is more than grounds for her removal and you know it. Am I correct that BLM rules also state that she should be banned from staying at any BLM campground for a year for such violations? I know the rules, start enforcing them and I also know a little more about the law then I let on. All I wanted to do was learn about and write about the Northern LTVA's. Look at what has happened.

Is it actually a fact that you told XXXXXXXXX that XXXXXX was not allowed to come up here as she said to XXXXXX? Is it a fact that Becky told XXXXXXXXX she could stay at this Campground as long as she wanted, as XXXXXXXXX told XXXXX?


Committee To Impeach Judge Shirly R. Lewis, I was appointed by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to represent 97 Complainants. Judge Lewis was removed.

Won right to argue Appeal by telephone before Massachusetts Court of Appeals, most read motion on the Internet. And yes, I won the Appeal.

I could go on, but just Google these cases. In over a dozen cases, I have never lost.

Think anyone is protected from public accountability? Google Greg Whitten, a billionaire and the 11th employee from Microsoft. Look up the founder of eBay. Again, I could go on.

You see, the phones went out. That is why my office called. I don't have to have my attorney call you, trust me.

I don't threaten, I do issue a warning, you just got one.

Get this done or you will see a side of me that you will wish you never saw. If this isn't handled quickly, it may be time for you to contact your legal department because it will go to what you referred to as a “whole different level”.


Sent Via Fax: (760) 872-5050
Dated: September 6, 2016 @ 2:01 PM