To: Chris Mason
Bishop Field Office

Mr. Mason:

As you have not responded to my request to send a BLM Law Enforcement Officer so that I can clean up the campsite adjacent to me (XXXXXX's Site), I am forced, once again, to send you this fax with a second request. I also found out that it was you who spent the time XXXXXXXXX with  and pulled into my campsite before leaving. I found it almost laughable that you complained to XXXXX as to the recycling cans at XXXXXX's campsite. I know it's hard for you to grasp the complexities of the situation, but XXXXXX left because she was accosted by XXXXXXXXX. I asked you for law enforcement oversight so I could pick up the campsite and instead of coming to see me, you complain to XXXXX, who knows I watch XXXXXX’s campsite while this 50 year old woman goes to collage a couple of days a week.

This is both a legal request and notice. First, this is my second request for a law enforcement officer to supervise the cleanup of XXXXXX's campsite. This is legal notice that your inaction to perform your fiduciary responsibilities to protect the person, property and character of a paid visitor have been ignored, that the BLM, and you personally are responsible for any and all monitory damages that may happen to XXXXXX’s property.

Lastly, I am just too old to be in the center of this so I have turned this matter and the many other infractions at the Bishop BLM Field Office over to the U.S. Watchdogs who will be notifying your Field Manager Steve Mason today for comment.

As we were about to leave for our walk this morning we caught XXXXXXXXX in XXXXXX's campground. We have pictures of this infraction which we will be sending to your Field Manager as well as to the U.S. Watchdogs.


Sent Via Fax: (760) 872-5050
Dated: September 8, 2016 @ 9:12 AM