Good Morning Steve,

My name is XXXXXXXXX and while I won't apologize for sending in the complaint to the U.S. Watchdogs, I do feel I owe you an explanation. Chris Mason asked that I intervene with the U.S. Watchdogs and I am not sure from whom that request came.

First off, I will say that sending in a complaint like that was something I never thought in a million years would be necessary. If it were not for the fact that I believed that there was imminent danger to numerous people and even the woman herself, and that nothing was being done even as I raised the level of the complaint to your Ranger, I probably would have let it go.

I am here, among other things, because I was asked by the XXXXXXXX Ranger District to prepare a business plan for Forest Service Campgrounds. While I had some ideas, I wanted to see why some campgrounds were extremely successful and others were not. To be honest, I found what I believe to be some very disturbing facts about two of your Rangers that went beyond what I have found in a great number of campgrounds and LTVAs. I had originally planned to turn in a private report to you on my findings when I left, that I ended up sending to the U.S. Watchdogs and I'm sure you are now aware of those findings.

Here are a few of the other White Papers I have authored and have been told, were re-signed and used throughout the country's National Forests:


You will shortly see the new eRanger appearing which will hopefully replace the old Iron Rangers. I only mention this as it demonstrates how I know about so many of your policies. Also, so you know why I didn't have a District Ranger intervene, I would never put them in that situation, any more than I would ask you.

As to the U.S. Watchdogs, they are a very private group who are among the most ethical in the Nation. Once a complaint is filed, no one can intervene. However, I know that they would want this to be handled without them needing to get further involved. I have seen many complaints dropped when the situation has been handled expeditiously and fairly by the organization itself. Obviously what you do is strictly your business, but if it were me, I would let them know that you appreciate their information and are now in the middle of your own internal investigation, and will let them know your findings. Also I would include a timeline.

If I can be of any help on this or any other matter, please don't hesitate to ask.

I truly wish this never would have been necessary,