Steve Nelson
Field Manager
BLM, Bishop Field Office
351 Pacu Lane, Suite 100
Bishop, CA 93514

Danielle K. Chi, Acting Deputy State Director
Bureau of Land Management
California State Office
2800 Cottage Way, Suite W-1623
Phone: (916) 978-4649

Subject: Violation of the Federal Lands and Recreation Enhancement Act (REA) (16 U.S.C. 6801 et seq.)

Mr. Nelson, Ms. Chi:

You (BLM) are in violation of the above-named Act as well as numerous Federal Guidelines and Laws of the publication of documents relating to Federal Lands and Assets.

While there are now numerous groups investigating the Bishop and California BLM offices which have turned up numerous public documents concerning some of the Bishop Rangers, our group concentrates on the legality of various cases and whether it should be turned over to the appropriate entities for government investigation and/or for civil lawsuits.

As such, our questions are related to your document entitled, “Notice of Intent to Change Fees in Campgrounds on Public Land in the Bishop Field Office, Inyo and Mono Counties, California” dated 12/21/2015 as well as your required press release. Are you aware that the fee proposal in your document does not meet the standards of the above named filing requirement? Are you aware that the fee proposal targets a specific group which additionally violates Federal and State laws?

Why we could go into significant detail on these matters, the plain and simple fact is that your required “full disclosure” was not only misleading, but was also absolutely deceptive. To drive home our point, in all states, any business practicing such bad acts would be subject to double and treble damages for “deceptive and misleading trade practices” and be forced to pay all of the Plaintiff’s legal fees.

A summary of these bad acts is as follows:

1: You did not make available a link to your business plan from your website.

2: Your business plan does not mention your increase of nearly 300% for your Long-term pass.

3: While you outlined and framed all proposed rate increases in the above-named document as shown below, you did not clearly state, as is required by law and regulation, that you were dropping the Long-term pass in lieu of 90 day passes for the same fee amount but for 3 months only, not the previous 8 month time period. You buried the true costs down at the bottom of the document and then masked it completely unless people knew exactly what they were looking for.

4: Where every other fee increase was clearly marked something like this:



Proposed fee beginning in 2016

Proposed future fee

Tuttle Creek



$5 to $10

Goodale Creek


$5 (no potable water)

$5 to $10

Horton Creek



$5 to $10

Pleasant Valley Pit


$5/site (no potable water)

$5 to $10

Crowley Lake



$5 to $10

Tuttle Creek Group Site



$30 to $50

Tuttle Creek Horse Corral



$5 to $12

Dump Stations (Tuttle, Horton and Crowley)



$5 to $8

you never show even one reference to “Long-term was $300, now $840 - $900”.

5: You went beyond even this and claimed that these proposed fee increases on everyone were due to the Long-term visitor expenses and yet never showed any documented costs associated with these blatantly unsubstantiated facts.

6: You are required under Federal Law to insure that your acts do not single out any group of people. There is no way the entire staff of BLM employees, unless they are completely incompetent, didn't know that your long-term passes were bought by senior citizens and poor senior citizens at that.

There are so many more deliberate bad acts in your documents that we will wait for the brief to outline them all.

As your press release under the Federal Lands and Recreation Enhancement Act (REA) (16 U.S.C. 6801 et seq.) did not meet the requirements under Federal Law, including but not limited to, those requirements for full and fair disclosure, you are herein notified that you are required under law to restart this entire process with a new Federal Lands and Recreation Enhancement Act (REA) (16 U.S.C. 6801 et seq.) filing, with full disclosure on these matters.

If you do not meet these requirements and go forward with these acts, we will take any and all legal remedies available under law to reverse such action and bring those responsible for such targeted discrimination to justice.

There is nothing unreasonable in this document, only that you conform to what is required under Federal Regulations and Law.

Sent via fax: 760-872-5050

Dated October 6, 2016