Steve Nelson
Field Manager
BLM, Bishop Field Office
351 Pacu Lane, Suite 100
Bishop, CA 93514

Danielle Chi, Acting Deputy State Director
Bureau of Land Management
California State Office
2800 Cottage Way, Suite W-1623
Phone: (916) 978-4649

Subject: What the LTVA has to say about the Bishop BLM Field Office's Actions

Mr. Nelson, Ms. Chi:

When the website wrote an email on behalf of a member to the Southern BLM LTVAs concerning whether they would be considering the same massive fee increases, their response is quite clear. While you attempt to not answer questions from us, or apparently the Sierra Wave, it certainly appears that the legitimate BLM offices and LTVA want to distance themselves from any association with your policies, politics and office.

Here is the email in its entirety, it speaks for itself:

Hello Mr. XXXX,

I'm sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience while visiting a BLM managed public land facility. It sounds as though you have fully exercised all options to bring the issues you mentioned to an appropriate authority for corrective action.

We wanted to make you aware that the Bishop BLM facilities are not part of the Long Term Visitor Area program that is administered by the Yuma, El Centro and Palm Springs BLM Offices. As I am sure you are aware, the permits sold from this LTVA program are not valid there and their permits are not valid here. Also any changes to their Business Plan will not have effect here.

This season when you return to the Imperial Dam LTVA you will find that the Long Term Permits are still $180.00 and the Short Term Permits are still $40.00. In the near future the LTVA managing offices (Yuma, El Centro, Palm Springs) will begin discussions with our visitors regarding program changes both proposed and sought out from public land (LTVA) visitors like yourself.

These change discussions will include: management strategies, increased amenities, staffing concerns and most likely fair and justifiable price increase if they are deemed necessary. Some of the mandates that our public has been very clear about, both in the past and at current, is that we effectively manage their public lands for multiple use, that we enable an enjoyable public land experience, and that, where applicable, we be effective with fee money collections and expenditures. At current our LTVA Program is being studied to see exactly where we stand on the later and to determine if we need to make other program adjustments as they apply to the LTVA management.

We have heard that there is a lot of speculation and concern this season about the future of the LTVA's both in management sustainability and fee collection. For now I would like to put visitor concerns to rest by letting them know that there currently is no fee change, and that if and when the time does come for a change it will be done with public input and involvement.

I hope your travels to Imperial are safe and that your LTVA season is a good one. If I can be of further service to you please feel free to contact me at the numbers listed below. Thank you and take care, -- Bill

You can keep hiding, but you can't hide from the facts we keep uncovering,

Sent via fax: 760-872-5050



Dated October 18, 2016