Steve Nelson
Field Manager
BLM, Bishop Field Office
351 Pacu Lane, Suite 100
Bishop, CA 93514

Danielle Chi, Acting Deputy State Director
Bureau of Land Management
California State Office
2800 Cottage Way, Suite W-1623
Phone: (916) 978-4649

Subject: New park benches for Ranger Becky Hutto's deck?

Mr. Nelson, Ms. Chi:

Just as we were about to release the stories on what certainly appears to be corruption and/or pure incompetence by the Bishop BLM Field Office, we have received additional reports on bad and/or illegal acts by the Bishop Rangers, namely, Recreation Ranger Becky Hutto. The popularity of our stories thus far have made many in the Bishop BLM celebrities in their own right, prompting once silent visitors and residents to add their observations to our long list of allegedly bad acts by the Bishop BLM Field Office.

You claim in your document entitled “Notice of Intent to Change Fees in Campgrounds on Public Land in the Bishop Field Office, Inyo and Mono Counties, California”, that you had to replace all of the picnic tables at the campgrounds as apparently, they were in desperate need of repair. You stated that these tables were part of the reason for the fee increases you proposed, correct?

We have received complaints that the picnic tables were in great shape and that many of the visitors preferred the redwood tables to the new concrete ones. We figured replacing perfectly good redwood tables with almost 100 concrete tables that you purchased for an outlandish price was not a crime of any kind. It may be stupid and wasteful perhaps, but with everything else that has been uncovered about the Bishop BLM Field Office, this would be a minor infraction for you people.

However, the Bishop BLM Field Office once again appears to have facilitated an alleged crime or at minimum, a violation of federal policies, specifically by your Ranger and Recreation Director Becky Hutto. It was reported to us, complete with pictures we're told, that Recreation Ranger Becky Hutto took those old wooden tables from the Horton Creek Campground, which should have gone to a public auction, and used them to build a deck on her personal home. This is the same Ranger who makes over $52K per year which is over double of what residents of Inyo County average.

This brings us to the following questions:

  1. Did you replace perfectly good picnic tables for no good reason?

  2. Did you hold the required public auction to sell the old picnic tables?

  3. Did you know whether or not Ranger Becky Hutto absconded with the tables without paying for them?

  4. Do you know if Ranger Becky Hutto used said tables to build a deck on her personal home?

  5. Will you investigate this matter and go to Ranger Becky Hutto's home to see if she built said deck?

It is apparent that the local media has allowed the Bishop BLM Field Office to go unchecked. Based on this, we have decided to open a new division to's 3800 websites called communities. These government campgrounds and federal lands have a massive affect on the local communities and someone has to make them aware of their actions.

We still believe that the 1st Amendment’s sole reason for existence is to keep an eye on government. We can only hope the local media in Inyo county remembers why they exist. It’s not for advertising revenues but rather to be the peoples’ watchful eye. We have progressed far beyond the printing press of Benjamin Franklin, but have that same obligation to expose the acts of government, both good and bad.

Please inform Ranger Becky Hutto that her attempts to intimidate the Tuttle Creek Campground visitor who reported these actions by standing out in the road, hands on hips with a fixed stare, has had the opposite affect. After hearing about this, it is clear that such bad actions are accepted all the way to the top of the BLM, otherwise why would Ranger Becky Hutto continue to be so bold?

You can keep hiding, but you can't hide from the facts we keep uncovering AND publishing,

Sent via fax: 760-872-5050



Dated October 27, 2016