Steve Nelson
Field Manager
BLM, Bishop Field Office
351 Pacu Lane, Suite 100
Bishop, CA 93514

Mr. Nelson,

The U.S. Freedom Network has been unable to connect to your fax machine.

While I thought I was out of this, attached is a copy of a listing of documents, many with time-lines and many with legal ramifications, that I was asked to fax you. I would have refused, but that would place you at further risk.

Although all of these documents have been sent via email, they did not want to run the risk that any of them went into the spam folder. Since many of the documents have time-sensitive material, not receiving them would have been unfair to you.

Please go to and review these documents, or have the Bureau of Land Managementís Operations Center in Colorado do so, as they did on the 9th, as many are new documents and all are in a new, search-engine friendly format. Hopefully you can settle this matter.


Sent Via Fax: (760) 872-5050
Dated: September 12, 2016 @ 12:45 PM

BLM Bishop Field Office: The Worst in the Nation?

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