Steve Nelson
Field Manager
BLM, Bishop Field Office
351 Pacu Lane, Suite 100
Bishop, CA 93514

Mr Nelson:

We have given you the benefit of the doubt regarding the deadline for your response, as it fell on the weekend. It appears you did get rid of the apparently mentally unstable person, the one who lead to the discovery of a long list of alleged infractions and alleged illegal violations by your Rangers, Becky L. Hutto and Chris Mason. We would like to thank you for doing your job, and yes please take that the way it sounded.

While the Complainant asked us to give you the benefit of the doubt and even wrote you with our policies and yes, we would unquestionably like agencies and companies to police their own, and for you to do the same, it appears you ignored his very good advice.

In my first email to you, I stated that we didn't believe you would condone these actions by your Rangers once informed. Now we have doubts and can't help but think the policies and attitudes at the Bishop BLM Field Office could very well come from the top. I would guess you don't like the current Presidential Polls and how a change in administration will impact the oversight of Federal agencies that have been allowed to run amuck. I thought this statement appropriate, as your Ranger Becky L. Hutto was allowed to abuse the power of her office and force a Host to remove the name “TRUMP” from his personal vehicle.

Please go to and you will find copies of all of the correspondence to you and your Rangers from us and the Complainant, which we didn't want to upload until you had a chance to respond. You may also want to get an expert to examine them and you will see that they have all been converted to HTML format so that they can be easily searched and indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. All that is missing is for us to link to the main page from our 60+ associated websites so that all of the world’s search engines expose the unanswered questions as to what has been going on down there at the Bishop BLM Field Office and Campgrounds. As well as what has been going on with the people who were allegedly responsible for perpetrating what certainly appears to be clear violations of local and Federal Laws, including alleged Constitutional violations.

So if you thought doing your job on one small matter, one that should have been handled days prior had it not been for what certainly appears to us the incompetence of Ranger Chris Mason; and then was handled only after we contacted you, was going to make all of this go away, you may want to rethink that.

If we do not get a satisfactory answer on how you will handle a fair, honest and open investigation on these matters by close of business today, Monday, September 12, 2016, we will do the following on Tuesday September 13, 2016 at 5:00 AM PST:

1: We will link to and you and your Rangers may soon experience something new: public accountability and scrutiny every time someone looks them up online as they will find these documents.

2: We will send a copy of our original inquest to every titled person in the regional BLM office in California and will include a link to

If you think we're bluffing, don't contact us. Your bosses will.

Many far richer and more powerful people, businesses and agencies have thought they were above public accountability and scrutiny. Some even think they are above the law, as it certainly appears in this case. Not one of them doesn't regret that they didn't handle things themselves once the U.S. Watchdogs got involved.

It appears as if your BLM Field Office thinks these are YOUR campgrounds and lands. Herein lies the crux of the problem: They are the peoples’ campgrounds and lands, NOT YOURS!

On a side note, why isn't the dump station open at Tuttle Creek? About the only person asking to give you additional time to respond is the original complainant. It was only at his request that we held off publishing the documents until now. And yet, we could interpret this to mean that you're trying to make it so uncomfortable that he would pack up and leave. Are you? Or is this the typical incompetence of your Rangers, according to your website, that would be Becky L. Hutto's responsibility?

Again, if you do not respond in a satisfactory manner by close of business, 5:00PM PST Monday September 12, 2016, we will link to the website and will email out the inquest to all of the BLM regional managers at the Sacramento Office.

And then it will escalate from there as required. You are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

We have reopened the email link token so that you can simply “reply” to this email if you choose to answer and therefore hopefully bring an equitable closure to this matter. A full, impartial, fair and public investigation into these matters under the BLM’s published policy on such matters are all that is required.

We look forward to resolving this before any other action is required on our part.

Dated: September 12, 2016
Sent Via E-Mail: