I apologize Mr. Nelson for the prior email that was sent by an associate to you. While the information was correct, your name was not. It was a draft, not the final document which follows. The problems within your Field Office appear to be escalating to a point that your Host just quit. I believe that it is pretty apparent that "XXXXXXXXX" is having a nervous breakdown of sorts, chasing your Hosts around with a camera, shouting and filming them. The true story here is not that there is an apparent crazy woman in your campground, but that she has been empowered solely by the actions of your Ranger Chris Mason. Care to comment?

This is my email to you:

Steve Nelson
Field Manager
BLM, Bishop Field Office
351 Pacu Lane, Suite 100
Bishop, CA 93514

Good Morning Mr Nelson:

I am a reporter for the U.S. Watchdogs, part of the U.S. Freedom Network. The U.S. Watchdogs is the investigative arm of our group, which primarily takes on investigations of the abuse of power of Government and/or Corporate individuals or agencies. The U.S. Watchdogs are located in Amsterdam beyond the jurisdiction of what I'm sure you would agree, is a legal system corrupted by corporate and government special interests. This allows us to investigate and report stories that many other investigative agencies fail to report. With us, it is simply about the facts. We always endeavor to get both sides of a story and report the truth. We like it best when we can give praise to agencies such as yours, but also have been responsible for exposing many corrupt government and corporate officials, These officials include Judges who were removed from the bench, Billionaires like Greg Whitten and the founder of eBay, who ended up changing eBay's seller policies that targeted senior citizens. To find out more about us please visit: http://usfreedomnetwork.com/about/u-s-freedom-network/.

We are writing you to get your side of a story that was just turned over to us. After seeing the “Undercover Boss”, one of our members decided it would be a great way to learn about the Federal Campgrounds. What he found at your campgrounds was way beyond what his new XXXXXXXXXXXX websites were designed to write about. He turned over the facts he uncovered to us, including a series of faxes he sent to one of your Rangers, a Chris Mason, which were very disturbing. We have made these documents available online at bishop-blm.uswatchdogs.net. I would strongly suggest that you and your legal department review these documents.

While all of our interaction and communication are done in strict confidence, this particular one has already been exposed as the faxes will clearly dictate. The individual who wrote them has a reputation beyond reproach. He is one of the leading Computer Scientists on the planet, worked as a Senior Computer Scientist for the XXXXXXXX Think Tank and spent a year giving back by volunteering for the U. S. Forest Service and even your own BLM Fire Department. See XXXXXXXXXXXXX. His background demonstrates, and numerous District Rangers for the Forest Service will attest to, I'm sure, our positive assessment of this man. For full disclosure, he wrote our security system, which is under constant attack by the rich and powerful people we have exposed through the years and it has never been breached.

I also want to be forthcoming that unless we agree beforehand, every bit of communication between us in this matter will be made available online, just as the faxes have been. If we do agree beforehand that it is off the record, it will remain so.

What appears even more astonishing to us, is that another of your Rangers, a Becky L. Hutto, has had a blatant disregard of Federal and State law by her almost embarrassing actions. To be honest, if you were aware of her actions, we will make that very clear in our reporting. However, I don't think that is the case. I think you have two Renegade Rangers who may have acted on their own. But I assure you, we will find the truth.

1. Ms. Hutto ordered one of your hosts to remove the name 'Trump' from his personal vehicle. This was a private vehicle from which he received no compensation from the BLM. As she was responsible for his livelihood, this is a clear abuse of power and a clear violation of his Constitutional Rights, both Federal and State. Were you aware of this violation by Ms. Hutto?

2: a) Does Ms. Hutto have a Federal or State Plumbing License? b) Are you aware that Ms. Hutto attempted a repair of the public drinking water system at the Tuttle Creek Campground used by several hundred visitors? c) Are you aware that Ms. Hutto, apparently lacking the skills to make such a repair, shut down the water system for the entire campground for 3 days? d) Are you aware that there were many elderly LTVA visitors staying at the campground with only their RV (no second car), who went without water specifically due to Ms. Hutto's actions? e) Are you aware that Ms. Hutto never plugged the end of the broken (by her) water line, most likely introducing bacteria into the drinking water system? f) Did you know that Ms. Hutto never, to the best of the witnesses' knowledge, flushed the line with chlorine after she made the repairs? g) Did you know that Ms. Hutto buried the repair without ever checking for leaks? h) Did you know that Ms. Hutto was advised by the person who designed the potable drinking water systems for the Forest Service (to be used by BLM fire spike camps as well) of these infractions, infractions that could result in health issues and he was ignored?

3) a) Are you aware that dangerous squirrel deterrents have been placed on the trees in your campgrounds? b) Did you know that these “deterrent shields” are sharp as razors and at a height that places children, pets and adults at risk of serious injury? c) Did you know we are in possession of photos showing squirrels sitting on top of these “deterrent shields”?, d) Did you authorize the purchase and installation of these “deterrent shields”? e) Did you know that these “deterrent shields” are in violation of Federal and State Law as well as OSHA standards?

4) a) Are you aware that Ms. Hutto solicited a Host (good job, right)? b) Do you insist on background checks for hosts, as is the public policy of the BLM? c) Is it Ms. Hutto or another individual that does these background checks? d) Are you aware that Ms. Hutto personally hired a host that served 17 years in prison for murder? e) Did your agency run a background check on this individual?, or f) is it the policy of Ms. Hutto to not consider these facts, as is alleged, in lieu of the daunting task of having a Ranger clean the bathrooms themselves?

5) a) Are you aware that your Ranger Chris Mason was and is fully aware that he and Ms Hutto have allowed a visitor to stay at the Tuttle Creek Campground without a LTVA pass for over 5 months in direct violation of BLM policy (a couple of weeks or a month is one thing, 5 months quite another)? b) Are you aware that Mr. Mason has been advised that this visitor has not been paying for their stay at the Tuttle Creek Campground? c) Are you aware that Mr. Mason and Ms. Hutto have demonstrated what certainly appears as bias toward Republicans, a clear violation of Federal and State laws (please see faxes)? d) Should we publish the fact that an LTVA long term pass costing $300 is not necessary to stay at the BLM campgrounds for 5 months? e) Should we publish that it is not required to pay for your stay at any campground within the Bishop Field Office since, even when advised of these facts (which appears easily verifiable, as Mr. Mason admitted to knowing how to check the envelopes from an Iron Ranger) did not collect fees nor evict the visitor when he found out these facts, and did instead extend the allowed stay for an additional two weeks? f) Is it as clear to you as it was to us that your Rangers have not compared the Iron Ranger receipts to the campsites as is BLM Policy? g) When we publish these new BLM stay and payment policies, should we report that they are only available at the Bishop Field Office Campgrounds or is this policy change effective for the entire BLM? And yes, we will publish and emphasize the fact that even when caught, your Ranger Chris Mason will let you stay a couple of extra weeks anyway, as he did, as long as you're not a Republican that is.

As you can see, Mr. Nelson, some very disturbing facts and if proved, clearly illegal policies, appear to have been uncovered about your Bishop BLM Field Office. We want to be sure you are given every opportunity to get your side of the story on these issues. We will investigate these allegations and the faxes without regard for anything but the facts in this case. We will also be placing all of the documents, including this email, online and sending cover letters with links to Fox News and other news outlets that have published our stories through the years, and will include local news agencies, in this case the Bishop news agencies, as well.

We are keeping this email thread open for 48 hours for you to respond. After that you will have to use our standard means of communication. Please see: http://usfreedomnetwork.com/about/contact-us/ for the details of contacting us.

Mr. Nelson, please be assured on two main points. 1) We will give you every opportunity to provide verifiable facts about these issues and to tell your side of the story. We simply report the truth, no matter how flattering or unflattering it may be to any individual. 2) We will be publishing our series on your field office whether you respond or not (we will report that as well) and we do publish the names of anyone who blatantly abused the power of their office. If we do not hear from you within 48 hours, we will be contacting the main BLM office in California, as well as the other news agencies mentioned above and begin publishing the stories.

You should also know that our stories and news sites have been endowed and will remain up for life. In general, individuals covered in our stories get very high search engine ratings. Google Greg Whitten, a billionaire and the 11th employee of Microsoft or Judge Shirley R. Lewis. In other words, it is generally understood that it is not a good idea to ignore us.

Thank you for your time and we hope that there is no abuse of power here, which we will be very happy to report.

Addendum: We just received another fax sent to Chis Mason making a second request to send in a BLM law enforcement officer so that the complainant can pick up the campsite of a 50 year old mother forced to vacate the campsite in panic as she was accosted by “XXXXXXXXX”, your 5 month, non-paying camper. It then went on with its own addendum, that when the complainant was about to walk his dogs, he observed that this XXXXXXXXXX was in the campsite of “XXXXXX” looking at or vandalizing her equipment. The local Sheriff had to be called due to the malpractice of your Rangers, clearly outlined in the faxes. He took pictures of this violation by “XXXXXXXXX”. Do you wish to comment on this?

Lastly, it has just been brought to our attention that your office is in possession of illegal recordings. I strongly suggest, as this may turn into a civil, criminal or both action, that you seek the advice from your legal department on how to preserve criminal evidence that you have in your possession, and will have a clear trail to your office in a forensic electronic audit.

We look forward to your reply,